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Left is probe box (PB), right is main body
PB processes the high pressure, which is controlled at the main body
Lower part is probe box, that have capacitance tuning function
OSK22AD250 Max. pressure 70kVpp Max. voltage Specifications Test frequency

OSK22AD330 Max. pressure 10kVrms Max. Voltage Test frequency 10k・00kHzH


OSK22AD250 OSK22AD281 OSK22AD310 OSK22AD330
Max. Voltage 30kVpp 70kVpp 10kVpp 5kVrms 10kVrms
Test frequency 100k~200k 1M~2M 20k~80k 30k~80k 10k~100k
Intermittent/ Continuous sine wave Intermittent 1000times/sec Intermittent 500 times/sec Continuous sine wave
Tuning (adjustment) No(Depends on the resonance frequency) High voltage connection cable (3 cables with different capacity) Continuous changes due to the capacitance tuning
Load impedance More than 200mH(20mH+40PF) More than 1mH Capacity less than 2nF inducible 200μH~3mH More than 300mH
100mH~300mH(But20PF~300PF) 50mH~300mH(100PF~1000PF)
Dimensions main body mm (without a convex part) W430 x D470 x H180
Dimensions probe box mm W240 x D240 x H120 W240 x D320 x H120 W430 x D470 x H180 W240 x D290 x H130 W430 x D470 xH180
Weight main body 14kg 14kg 15kg 15kg 16kg
Weight probe box 5kg 5.5kig 12kg 5kg 13kg
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