Model type OSK22TA10 OSK22TA100 OSK22TA200
Measurement method Differential pressure manometer
Differential pressure range 0-100 Pa(0-10mmH2O) 0-1000Pa(0-100mmH2O) 0-1000Pa(0-100mmH2O)
Digital display resolution 0.01Pa(0.001mmH2O) 0.1Pa(0.01mmH2O) 0.1Pa80.01mmH2O)
Measuring accuracy *1 ±0.025% of rdg. ±4 digit
  Zero shift ±0.004% of F.S/℃ ±0.0025% of F.S/℃
Temperature influence coefficient*2 Span shift ±0.006% of F.S/℃ ±0.005% of F.S/℃ ±0.003% of F.S/℃
Analog output 10.0vdc±0.01v at Full Scale
Digital output parallel BCD 1-2-4-8 positive logic
Detector's measurement area 50cm2 20cm2
Calibrating method Absolute calibration using a specified weight
Sealing liquid Ethyl alcohol (99.5% purity) Inert liquid(example: 3M PF-5080)
Operating environmental conditions Absolute calibration using a specified weight
Electrical requirement AC115V ±10% 50/60Hz Current 30VA maximum
Dimensions & weight (m) MP-2 Size 120-diameter x 170 highWeight 12.5kg Size 110-diameter x 210 highweight 11.5kg Size 110-diameter x 280 highweight 13.5kg
Control unit Size 200W x 120H x 280D weight 3.5kg
Accessories Interconnecting cable (5m) : 1PC
Fuse (3A fast-acting type): 1PC
Power cord(2m): 1PC
Storage box: 1PC
Vinyl tube (5mmID x 7mmOD)3M: 1PC
Screw driver (-): 1PC
Syringe (10ml): 1PC
*1 When measuring at temperature of 23℃ ±3℃
*2 Temeperature influence coefficient formula: Temperature Influence / Coefficient = Maximum drift potential of 5-40℃ / Measuring temperature range (35℃ span)
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