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OSK01KS102 Liquid dripping device

Liquid dripping device
    • Supplying the lubricating oil during the maintenance or processing oil during the machining
    • Dripping of additive agent
    • Dripping of liquid fertilizer, liquid feed, disinfectant, antifoaming agent
    • The operations which require discharge and absorption
    • Liquid resistant test which require constant droplets
    • Can be used as a simple dispenser
    • It is moved by only AC electric source
    • It usually uses the high versatility pump (water and oil are OK)
    • The operation is done together with the device or in autonomous driving mode
    • 5 times of running modes - continuous, one shot, intermittent, schedules retention, once in N times
    • Double pump specifications, switching and mixing are possible
    • It also uses the compressed air and emit the mist
    • The flexible combination of pump air buzzle and vacuum are possible (from small to large amount)
      Liquid supply device which matches requirement for more than gravity drip and less than high precision dispenser
    Continuous type:Press or tap device It drops the cutting oil at the set time during the processing. The shortest time is 0.1 sec machinery
    Stand-alone type:When the constant droplet and antifoaming agent are necessary, it conducts constant droplet in self-timing mode Min. interval 0.2s machinery
    Scheduled retention type:When filling up is necessary, it keeps output over time regardless of the signal length machinery
    Once in n times type:droplets can easily move according to the speed machinery
OSK01KS102 Liquid dripping device

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