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OSK05ON series Small shape sealed off type carbonated gas laser

Small shape sealed off type carbonated gas laser
      Laser suitable for cutting glass or melting/cutting resin
    1. It is DC discharge type, therefore it can precisely control the output and easily manage to weld and melt
    2. Laser mode is TEMOO, so collection efficiency is high
    3. The peak value during the pulse oscillation (super pulse)is 3 times more than rated value
    Carbonatet gas laser PIN siries
    Type 05ON010R 05ON020R 05ON30R 05ON40R 05ON60R
    Oscillation weavelength(μm) 10.6
    Rated value output(W) 10 20 30 40 60
    Output stability within ±5%
    Beam polarization Random polarization
    Beam diameter(mm) approx.φ5 approx.φ6 approx.φ8 approx.φ9
    Beam dispersed angle under 1.0mrad
    Beam mode TEM00
    Oscillation type CW(DC discharge type), pulse oscillation, super pulse oscillation
    Cooling type Water coolilng type
    Laser Power supply
    Power supply DC-DC convertor type
    Discharge of electricity DC discharge
    Emergency stop system over electric current, over pressure, temperature rising
    Control signal Laser ON/OFF signal
    Discharge electric current set signal
    or Laser output set signal(option:output stabilize system)
    Shutter open/close signal(with shutter attached with shutter or guide light)
    Reset signal
    Outside control signal Laser ON/OFF signal a tangent point or O.C.
    Discharge current set signal(V) 0・
    Shutter open/close signal a tangent point or O.C.
    Reset signal
    Dimensions(mm) W x H x L 160 x 170 x 705 160 x 170 x 982 160 x 170 x 1085 160 x 170 x 1235 200 x 185 x 1550
    Type Product name Type Product name
    OP-011 Optical table atachement plate OPO-013 Bender(with OPT-030)
    OP-021 Circulating cooling device OPO-021 Compact folded mirror unit OEM
    OP-024 Cooler OPO-030 Windos (with holder)
    OP-023 Large cooler OPO-031 Resonate window(with OPO-030)
    OP-031 Output stable system OPR-010 Shutter
    OP-041 Gas exchanger OPR-020 Guide light
    OP-010 Condensing lens(with z axis adjustment) OPR-030 Shutter with guide light
    OPO-011-( ) Bender(including condensing lens)    
    OPO-012-( ) Compact bender OEM(with condensing lens)    
    OPO-012-127 Compact bender OEM(with condensing lens)F-127    
OSK05ON series Small shape sealed off type carbonated gas laser

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