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OSK05NS series Electro magnetic chuck with sine-bar

Electro magnetic chuck with sine-bar
      Extremely precise grinding of correcting angle for mold, jigs and etc
      Characterisitcs common to standard type, cooling type, and micro-pitch type
    1. Extremely precise axis and bearing 
      - Special steel is used at axis. Bearig is designed with over one hundred of steel balls, there is no change in specification when the axis is locked
    2. One touch locking
      - One of the problem of usual tilting chuck is warps in precision are appeared when the axis is tightened, however indirect tightening maintains precision with lever one touch 
      Moreover it is possible to lock within 10-15sec
    3. Fast correcting of angle
      -As Sine-bar is attached to axis, it is possible to quickly require any necessary angle with combination of block gauge
      -Switching to flat surface, there is no need to modify by dial gauge
      Flat surface presicion is easily secured
      Cooling type
    1. Strong magnetic force provides stronger absorption power, enebling to proceed accurately without changing chuck shape
    2. Radiator installed inside absorbs calorification, the biggest defect of electromagnetic of chuck
    3. Processing heat is also absorbed
    4. Cools uniformly whole inside of chuck
        Micro-pitch type

      Small gap width pitch grinds small parts
        Standard type
      Drasticallly reduces manufacturing processes
      Cooling type
    1. Absorption power rises up to approximately 30%
    2. Precise processing is possible without strains caused from deviate cooling
    Type Table joint area Chuck surface area Rating
    OSK05NS315S 315 510L x 135H 315L x 110H DC100V 20W
    OSK05NS315C DC100V 30W
    OSK05NS207S 270 460L x 135H 270L x 125H DC100V 20W
    OSK05NS DC100V 28W
    *Micro-pitch is an option and specification would be the same.
    *S stands for standard type, C stands for cooling type
    SG Coolant
    1. Combining with sine-bar chukck, completely absorbs processing heat
    2. Its size is compact and has high performance and durability
    Size (mm) 270 x 410 x 510H
    Weight (kg) 22
    Rating 100V -100W
    (60W Pomp, 40W Fan)
    Radiator ability 600K calories/hr.
    Cooling method 18L Anti-rust liquid circulating
OSK05NS series Electro magnetic chuck with sine-bar

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