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OSK04MD103-1 U-shaped suspension

U-shaped suspension
U-shaped suspension
    • This suspension is mainly used in combination with pallets and panels as an anti-vibration equipment.
    • You can use this for protection of sensitive goods such as precision machinery, medical equipments, electronic devices, art works, and etc.
    • While having the same performance as metal spherical suspension, this product is more simple and productive.
    • As well as the metal spherical suspension, this product is available from lightweight type up to heavyweight type.
    • Maintenance free.
    • Low price.
    • This product serves as a vibration-proof pallet for transportation of precision equipments and art works.
    • This product helps to reduce packing materials, which leads to environmental conservation.
    • Long-term use is possible, and it's economical in this point.
    We can manufacture suspensions according to your requirements, types of luggage or working conditions.
    For example, slim type can be used as a space-saving vibration-proof mat. 
    Model for extreme environment is also under development.

OSK04MD103-1 U-shaped suspension

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