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OSK01RT101 Steam plasma metal processing machine

Steam plasma metal processing machine
    1. This is a metal processing machine which can make thermal conduction, tack welding, gauging, brazing and cutting using high-temperature plasma
    2. It can be used in the field of research and development, construction site, maintenance, repair, etc.
    1. It can produce plasma wihout using any compressed gas (air, acetylene, oxygen, argon, nytrogene) It requires only water and electlicity and you can produce plasma at approx. 10,000℃
    2. Devices such as compressed gas, compressor or freezer are unnecessary
    3. Compact design and light weight enable to carry out easily
    4. Environment: Releasing from bad working environment (by using water, the influence of smoke, smell fireworks or NoX are drastically reduced)
    5. Safety: It can be stopped by manual switch. Temperature at 30cm distance from torch tip is just only like hot heat wave
    6. Versatility:Can easily perform operations like melting, cutting, filtering, brazing or welding
    7. Specifications:Can use tapwater and electrical output at home(AC100/200V)
    8. Performance:Example of steel cutting - the cutting speed is 100(㎜/min)when thickness is 2.0t(㎜)
    1. Eco-friendly. No somoke, NOX, or fireworks
    2. Doesn't require special skill for the operation ( In Japan)
    Classification Steam plasma SMAW(Shielded Metal Ark Welding)
    Input Voltage
    AC100/200V +/-5%
    Output current 7A 40A
    Control system
    Rated duty cycle 40% 20%
    Size, weight
    W145 x D393 x H317 approx.10kg
    Exchange of cutting & welding to operate by manual switch
OSK01RT101 Steam plasma metal processing machine

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