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OSK07NU100C Au-Sn (80:20Wt%) plating (patented)

Au-Sn (80:20Wt%) plating (patented)
    1. It can semi-conductor, communication, electricity, module
    2. All kinds plating of surface mounted component
    3. Plating of resin, glass, ceramics
    4. Au plating of solding jointing (connection)
    5. Plating with high corrosion resistance
    6. Plating with the friction resistance (piston type)
    1. Made on the basis of plating, having high melting point - 287℃
    2. Even if it is dissolved, no out gas comes out
    3. Au-Sn simple substance, Au-Sn is formed at the plate or it can be done in the shape, you want
    4. Melting method is good
    5. Cheaper, than other construction method
    6. The method of creating Au-Sn by plating is very unique
    1. Cost reduction
    2. Productivity improvement (performance)
    3. Quality / Performance improvement
    4. Others (Help for new products development)
    1. We offer many kinds of Ni plating, that corresponds to your request
    2. Can be used for the processing of ceramics, glass and other dielectrics
OSK07NU100C Au-Sn (80:20Wt%) plating (patented)

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