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OSK15MT6700 Multi-fake currency detector

Multi-fake currency detector
    • LCD display (sum, number of banknotes, error messages)
    • Banknotes insertion slot (all types of banknotes, max.jp to 100 bills)
    • Stacker (Storage of checked banknotes, with sensor of overfilling)
    • Operation button(start/operation stop, display/mode switching)
    • It can do the high-speed detection of bills at high-precision and count the sum and quantity of bills
    • By using autofeeder, it can process up to 100 banknotes at high speed (1 bill in 0.5 ~0.6 sec)
    • Detected bills:USD, Euro, Japanese Yen - the basic currencies plus the optional currencies (option)
    • Easy detection method:Gift ticket・secured papers can be registered and easily detected (user registration
    • High-precision detection due to the combined use of special light, visible light, infrared light and also the light connection circuiit and magnetic sensor
    • High precision detection of all banknotes
    • Desktop size
    • Software (ROM change)
    • Version-up
    • It is possible to renew the information about new genuine and fake banknotes
    Model OSK15MT6700
    Detectable banknotes USD (16 types) old 1,2,5,10,20,50,100/new 5,10,20,50,100/ 20 dollars issued in 2003 / 50 dollars issued in 2004/10 dollars issued in 2006/ 5 dollars issued in 2008 *unable to detect banknotes issues before 1988
    EURO(7types) 5,10,20,50,100,200,500
    YEN(7types) 4types 1000, 2000, 5000, 1000
    Others World countries banknotes (*Data necessary) valuable papers, stock certificate, gift certificate (all types)
    Detection method combined detection by using special light, visible light, infrared light, magnet, ultraviolet light
    detection by light correction circuit and MF sensor
    Paper feed Automatic insertion by auto feeder(Possible to set up to 100 banknotes), mixing different kinds of money is possible, but front/back mixing and different direction are not possible
    Detection speed Approx. 0.5 ・0.6sec for 1banknote,(banknote counter:0.3 sec/banknote)
    LCD display Total sum, total number of banknotes, total sum of each banknote type, total number of each banknote type and suspected cards/tickets error message
    Abnormal bill Abnormal bills alarm buzzer signal, red LED light and displaying an error message at display, rejecting the banknotes
    Insertion method Inserted in 2 directions of banknotes surface(Japanese Yen and Euro are in 1 direction. *Thecurrency of other countries and other valuable papers are at option
    Transmission method Automatic transmission by belt and tension roller
    Bills receiving Almost 100 bills are automatically stored in the stacker after passing through. The dubious bills are once stored in the stacker and ejected out
    Electricity consumption Max. 40W during the waiting time - almost 3W
    Rated voltage AC85・64V (Worldwide power supply)
    Operating temperature +5℃・+45℃(room temperature)
    Outer dimensions W210 x D224 x H122mm
    Weight Approx. 3kg
OSK15MT6700 Multi-fake currency detector

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