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OSK15SN101 Low level wind shear monitoring system

Low level wind shear monitoring system
Low level wind shear monitoring system
    This device uses sound waves to detect wind shear around the runway and airfield ,during the airplane is taking off and landing.
    1. High resolution wind monitoring in the lower altitude. It monitors actual surveys of the 3-dimentional parameters of 100-150 feet turbulence (directions of movement, wind from the side, vertical flow) and turbulence EDR (whirlpool dispersion rate) which is a category of turbulence standard set by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) by remote sensing of sound waves
    2. Applicable for all weather conditions, at fine weather and  when it is raining (under 3 mm/h)
    3. Temperature structure detection which is closely related to the sudden gust
    4. Direct measurement of the quickly changing air conditions in a few seconds intervals
    5. Alert function for the turbulence near the runway
    6. Turbulence monitoring caused by the main wings of the airplanes
    1. Improvement of safety taking off and landing
    2. Improvement of decision making of runway change, burden reduction of airplanes/airports authorized personnel.
    3. Improvement of decision making of taking off/landing intervals as well as saving fee of airport operation
    4. Low price The installation expenses are less than 1/10 of other remote sensing device such as rader or lider and additionally saves construction work expense.
    5. Easy installation
    It takes approximately 2 nights working time for construction hence burden of airport operation will be less
    Measurement method Bi-static phased array 
    Output items Wind speed(U),  direction (D) 
    Vertical component(W), standard deviation,
    EDR(Eddy Dissipation Rate),
    Echo intensity (Color Facsimile)
    Signal processing Doppler detection by FFT method
    Measuring altitude 100 - 500 ft (30-150m)
    Wind speed range 0 - 40m/s
    Acoustic frequency 2100 - 3200 Hz
    Pulse repetition period 3 sec
    Altitude resolution 10m (depend on pulse length)
    Measuring accuracy 0.3m/s or 5% of wind speed (U)
    0.2m/s or 2% of vertical component (W)
    ±3 deg for wind direction (D)
    Resolution 0.1m/s for wind speed(U)
    0.01m/s for vertical component(W)
    1.0deg for wind direction (D)
    Power requirement AC-100V, 500VA (max)
    Acoustic remote sensing system
    • Gust front / down burst 
    • Lee wave / fallwind
    • Low level jet
    • Local front
    • Structural turbulence
    • Orographic turbulence
OSK15SN101 Low level wind shear monitoring system

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