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OSK11KN300 Small Cooler

Small Cooler
Small Cooler
    Cooler for UV LED, Laser module and etc.
    • All the functions of pump, heat exchanger, reserve tank and power unit are built in a small body.  
    • Up to 300W load, the temperature of the coolant can be maintained to be equal to or less than the ambient temperature plus 10℃.
    • This is a small cooler, minimize specification and specially desgined to be compact.
    • A lineup of products is available depending on load volume of 600W, 1000W and 1500W.
    • Customizing with peltier is also available in need of temperature control.
    • This cooler is easy to start by connecting and turning on, instead of chiller.
    •  It is suitable for simple and convenient cooling, where temperature controll seems to be excessive.
    • It can be housed in ready-made racks.
    •  It provides minimum necessary functions with small size at a low cost.
    • We can offer more suitable system depending on the object to be cooled.
    Operation Ambient 15~40℃
    Cooling Capacity Max 300 W
    Max Cooling Temp. +10℃ at 300W load
    Coolant DI or tap water (avairable Ethylene glycol water)
    Pump Spec. Max Head 450cm/H2O
    Power AC90~250V 50/60Hz Max 0.7A
    Power AC90~250V 50/60Hz Max 9A
    Power consumption Less than 70W
    Dimension H264 x W176 x D140
    Weight 3.5kg

OSK11KN300 Small Cooler

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