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OSK11SC102 Portable digital microscope

Portable digital microscope
    Portable high magnificated digital microscope
    - observation of the objects in process line
    - observation of scratch of the objects which cannnot move
    - observation of crack of car body painting surface, etc.
    1. 230 mega pixels CCD
    2. Not only take pictures but also videos
    3. Wide range of displaying the scales, grids, and magnification indicators on monitor(cross, square, horizontal, lower right, upper left, rectangle, H character)
    4. Easy to focus by each lens with magnification up to 7000 times according to the application
    5. Possibe to connect directly to the endscope or microscope of other companies
    1. Efficiently save the time for the problem solution and reduce human costs
    2. Easy to carry out for its light body:490g (with battery and CF card installed)
    Model OSK11SC102
    Image capture element 1/1.75 inch interlace scanning CCD
    (Aspect ratio 3:2, RGB original color filter square pixel)
    Pixels Total pixels approx. 2.3MP(1901H x 1212V )
    Effective pixels approx.2.19MP(1816H x 1208V)
    Mount Original mount (C-mount compatible with C-mount adapter attached)
    Shutter speed 1/45-4 sec
    Storage medium CF memory card
    NORM mode: 1792 x 1184 pixels, approx.500kb
    FINE mode: 1792 x 1184 pixels, approx.900kb
    ZOOM mode: 896 x 596 pixels, approx.500kb
    CF memory card Number of recordable images (Number of images will depend on type of images captured) NORM mode: approx.638 images with 256 MB card
    FINE mode: approx.283 images with 256MB card
    ZOOM mode: approx.638 imaes with 253MB card
    Monitor 3.5inch 230,000 pixel TFT LCD (960 x 240 dots)
    Video output NTSC
    VIDEO OUT terminal 3.5mm monaural minijack (LCD monitor side)
    REMOTE terminal 2.5mm stereo minijack(dobles as external flash synch)
    DC IN terminal EIAJ standard type-2 DC jack(center plus)
    Light swtich Light A, light B interchangeable (for lenses with built-in light sources)
    Output voltage 5V maximum output current 250 mA
    Input voltage 6.0 V DC ±5%, 1 A; battery operation : 6.0-7.2 V DC ±5%
    Power consumption Approx. 6 W(microscope only)
    Battery running time Consecutive monitor use: 1 to 1.5hrs.(depends on user settings)
    Consecutive recording: 1hr (depends on user settings)
    LED for power check Power on green LED on
    Low battery red LED on
    Power off both LEDs off
    Mass Approx. 370g (mircroscope only)
    Approx. 490g(with batteries and CF card)
    External dimensions 98 x 201.5 x 68 mm
    Installation screw Camera screw
    Operating environment 0 to 40 ℃
    Storage environment -10 to 55℃
    Operating and storage humidity 30 -85% ( no condensation)
    Available lenses and accessories *option 0x lens(no illumination)M0W
    0x lens M0L
    30x lens polarization/non-polarization lens M30N
    50x lens M50
    50x lens polarization/non-polarization lens M50N
    100x lens M100
    200x lens M200
    400x lens M400NEW
    Expansible stand
    Z axis adjuster for expansible stand
    XYZ accurate stand PR-ST11XY
    Attachment adaptor for XYZ accurate stand
OSK11SC102 Portable digital microscope

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