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OSK11TK101 N2G Thermal jet type soft soldering device

N2G Thermal jet type soft soldering device
    Soldering the smallest parts, that can't be manually soldered or passed through reflore oven
    1. This non-contact device can solder the smallest parts point by point at the atmosphere of nitrogen with the maximum temperature up to 600℃ and density over 99.9% in a short period of time
    2. It uses the nitrogen in the air, so there is no need to use nytrogen cylinder
    3. It is much cheaper than the same non-contact soldering laser and positioning is much safer and easier
    4. By using nitrogen gas, it raises the wettability of soldering and lead free soldering can be easily operated
    5. It doesn't directly contact to the part like the soldering iron, and conduct soldering indirectly by heat jet flow
    6. There are no bad influence on the plastic parts, so smooth soldering is possible
    1. By installing automatic XY table at option on the top, soldering automatization is possible Mass production is possible
    2. By using the nitrogen in the air, it conducts non-contact soldering, so there are no consumables and running costs are reduced
    3. As it conducts the soldering in the nitrogen atmosphere, it prevents producing soldering ball and it is possible to control the using volume of flax
    4. Quality improvement ⇒Preventing the soldering ball and reducing the unevenness of soldering
    5. Cost reduction ⇒ Space saving , reeduction of running costs because of non-contact type, increase of productivity at the production line , low cost of equipment (low investments), easy maintenance
    Model OSK11TK101
    Size Controller Part(㎜) W200×H450×D400
    Head Part W220×H455×D200
    N2-Gas Supply Air Former pressure 0.7MPaG Density of nitrogen Gas 99.9% 2,000ml/min
    Power Supply Single phase 100Volt 50/60Hz 15A
    Power Consumption 1.5KW
    Jet Flow Heater 1.0KW
    Temperature of Jet Flow Outer temperature ・00℃
    Soldering Time Reference 2 -Sec/3.0mm
    ・The air compressor <Oil free oil and dry air> is separately needed. (Capacity of air 2,000ml/min)
    *Remark: Intellectual property right has been acquired. No.253220
    *Remark: The specifications and options are subject to change without prior notice.
OSK11TK101 N2G Thermal jet type soft soldering device

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