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OSK11TN series Liquid freezer

Liquid freezer
      Sea food・Farm processing plants, Bars, Hotel Restaurants, Resort places, Supermarket's backyard Barbeque restaurants
    1. This is a freezing device for food products that uses revolutionary new method - liquid freezing, which means putting the product inside the frozen liquid.
    2. Freezing speed - 20 times more than usual air freezer. It helps you to save your time
    3. Less drips The drips (protein, amino acid, vitamins) don't come out and the yield rise
    4. The crystallization is 5 micron (Usual freezer 100-200 Micron)The small crystalls don't break the cell membrane so when you thaw it, you can feel the taste same as before freezing.
    1. Space merit The installation space is almost 6 times lower than of any powerful freezer
    2. Improvement of working atmosphere There is no need to operate inside the cold chamber and the necessary number of workers is less
    3. Easy operation You can simply start an operation by pressing the button.
    4. Applicable to various kinds of food It can be used with fresh meat, sea food and many kinds of processed vegetables, noodles e.t.c
    5. Long-time storage The long-time storage became possible and easier due to the speedy freezing.
    6. All kinds of thawing are possible Thawing under normal temperature, low temperature, heating, under water e.t.c
    Safety of frozen liquid
    1. Ethanol that is used as the freezing liquid is volatile element, but under the temperature lower than -8deg.C・-10deg.C, its volatility gets lower so it doesn't evaporate
    2. The coagulation point when the frozen liquid turns into the shape of sherbet is lower, than -41deg.c
    3. Flash point (flashing, caused by external factors, such as fire) is more, than +24 deg.C
    4. If you don't use the main body for a long period of time, please set the temperature at -10deg.C ・-15deg.C without stopping the freezer.
    5. For keeping the safety of frozen liquid, keep the freezing cycle at minimum by setting thetemperature at -10deg.C ・-15deg.C
OSK11TN series Liquid freezer

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