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OSK11KK101 Micro bubble generator

Micro bubble generator
    1. This is a microvalve generator, that generates the microsize bubbles in the water
    2. Parts washing, water purification, levitation processing, fish breeding, etc.
    1. It can generate adequate quantity of micro bubble by fresh tap water without using a surfactant
    2. In comparison with other companies, the amount of micro bubble generation is large
    3. It is installed on the ground, thus unlike underwater type generators, there are no risk of pipe clogging due to the biofouling
    4. Void rate is high (the surface area of gas inside the liquid is large)・rising ratio is slow
      As it does negative charge, the foam bubbles doesn't stick to each other
    1. Compact desgin
    2. Low cost
    3. Easy washing
OSK11KK101 Micro bubble generator

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