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OSK12NN5R Super-small ultraprecision milling machine

Super-small ultraprecision milling machine
    • Super small ultra precision milling machine with desk top size
    • Highly precise cutting and processing materials under 40 x 40 x 25 mm
    - materials can be from metal such as stainless, titanium, etc. to resin
    - Cutting and precessing ( end milling and drilling ) for micro order are possible
    • Drasticallly reduced its size and preserves the same ability of cutting and processing
    • Able to use commercial tools with shank shape under dia. 6 (Option main axis is dia.4)
    • As it has horizontal milling structure, stuffed chip is less.
    • Enable to use as a turner when integrated with byte holder in option
    • Controls by general G-code
    • Saves energy consumption (AC100V, 100W)
    • Possible to actualize your scientific idea into real product without prototyping nor any complex drawing
    • High speed of main spindle allows to process small diameter under 1mm
    • Can be installed within office, nearby,  the designer can create the trial piece by himself or herself without leaking know-how
    • Almost no trouble for heat, vibration, or noise due to its complex body. No construction is needed for vibration isolator, thermostatic chamber,  soundproof wall, etc.
    Machine size 430 x 470 x 420 mm
    Machine weight 40kg
    Table stroke X:52mm/Y:52mm/Z:32mm
    Chuck type JBS4002 5TP + collet chuck
    Main spindle Max. speed 20,000min-1
    Tapered bore JBS4001 7/24taper
    XYZ axis table Smallest feed 0.0001mm
    Fast feed speed 600mm/min
    Guide face Lapped face + cross roller guide
    Feed screw P0.2 precision slide screw
    Control box  Size 370 x 450 x 155 mm
    Weight 12kg
    Software NC Type PC NC
    Code system G-code
    Power consumption AC100V, 70W
    Oil mist feeding device
    • Wide range of optional unit, enable to construct machine accoridng to budget
    • We design cutting and processing machine for special application on demand
    • Below animation is the introduction images of DEMO at Delft University (Holland) where our product is used.
    • Please visit Delft University to check our product with your own eyes
OSK12NN5R Super-small ultraprecision milling machine

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