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OSK13BR101 Anti-static agent/aqueous coating type

Anti-static agent/aqueous coating type
    1. High-effect aqueous anti-static electricity inhibitor using high electric conductivity configuration conjugate
    2. Plastic, paper, fiber, glass, carbon, ceramic powder
    3. Raising surface resitance to 107Ω, in the middle of smiconductor range, it turns objects into non-electrically charged condition without emitting any static electricity
    1. The insulator surface, processed by OSK13BR101, doesn't forcibly charge even at high voltage(The performance which can't be achieved by other existing direction-applied type anti-static electricity inhibitor)
    2. Colorless transparent, odorless aqueous solution product, having absolutely no risk of inflammation
    3. Harmful bacteries can be clearly eliminated
    1. Aqueous type, safe for the workers health (No substance intake, coming from solvent)
    2. Absolutely non-inflammable type and can be safely kept
    3. Aqueous type with peculiar structure: adhension and expansion to plastic. (Liquid with less surface contact angle)
    4. In adddition to the charge prevention function, it also has disinfection effect and environment-friendly
    5. Liniment with strong propagation volume (It is possible to put objects into non-electrically charged condition of the applied and opposite surfaces)
    (Data 1)
    PVC sheet surface proper resistance (correlation of relative humidity)

      Relative humidity (%)
    Anti-static electricity inhibitor 20 40 60 80
    A company's nonion 1×1014 1×1013 1×1012 1×1010
    B company's cation 1×1014 1×1011 1×1010 1×109
    OSK13BR101 1×1010 1×109 1×107 1×107
    (Data 2)
    PET film friction charge (friction time and relativity)

    Anti-static electricity inhibitor 5 10 15 20
    A company's nonion 120 180 280 330
    B company's cation 30 80 170 250
    OSK13BR101 <5
    (Data 3) Acril resin plate charge attenuation characteristics
      Oil mist feeding device
    1. Wide range of optional unit, enable to construct machine accoridng to budget
    2. We design cutting and processing machine for special application on demand
OSK13BR101 Anti-static agent/aqueous coating type

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