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OSK14AT101 Edge-light LED panel

Edge-light LED panel
      Edge-light self-emitting signboard which combined with originally developed light-guide board and LED light source
    1. As the panel is thin, the freedom degree of space design is high
    2. - Light source is located at the side part, not at the back as usual lights
    3. As the panel is thinner than fluorescent type, it can be replaced as it is
    4. - Thinness: 15mm
    5. As the brightness of light surface is uniformed, it has the high-grade sense and advertisement repeatability
    6. As it is much lighter than previous fluorescent type lamps, the freedom of choosing its installation place or method is high
    1. If you use aleranating current LED, the energy consumption gets 1/2 lower
    2. Regardless of its dimenstions (15㎜×1m×3m), it has 3000l x realization, light volume homogenity, energy consumption1/2 lower, light weight, thinner 1/13, and maintenance free
     Luminiscent displayOSK14AT101Evaluation (in comparison with fluorescent lamps)
    Dimensions (㎜) D300×L2,800×W900 D20×L2,800×W900    
    Weight(㎏) 450 45 10%
    Electricity consumption 480 (=40 x 12) 120・40 25・0%
    Brightness(LX) 4,000 2,700・,000 60・5%
    Durability time 10,000 50,000 50%
    Electrical charge 1 0.2・.5 20・0%
    Calorific value 1 0.1・.2 10・0%
    Wasted volume 1 0.01・.05 1・%
    Installation fee 1 0.3 30%
    Manufacturing expenses 1 1.5 150%
OSK14AT101 Edge-light LED panel

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