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OSK19WY101 Tactical light cable

Tactical light cable
    1. Automatic machine unit connection
    2. Electical isolation of high-place work
    3. Wiring of office equipment
    4. Connection of all moving parts of industrial robots
    5. Connection of light switch ・patch panels
    6. Wiring of devices loaded at fleet, automobile and air industry
    7. Connection of keyboard and main body
    8. Connection of light sensing head
    9. Follow-up connection and expansion/contraction of movable parts
    1. Light curl code demonsrates the outstanding strenght in such extremal situations as crushing, bending or vibration for a long time
    2. Due to its high flexibility, it can prevent the troubles, caused by breakdown of wire and can provide more safety of communication comparing with light code
    3. High water-proof, oil-proof, flame-proof, abrasive resistance, so it can be used at wide temperature range (-40~85℃)
    4. Due to the use of hytrel buffered fiber, it can provide the high stiffness and curling
    1. It is possible to set the curling outer diameter, shape length and also other necessary dimensions up to 1 km, that satisfy the needs
    2. Sheats color is SMF: Yellow color, MMF(Gi):Aquamarine color, MMF (Si)orange color as its standard
    3. Light connector type(different combinations are possibel), abrasive machining can be freely corresponded
    Model OSK19WY101
    Applicable optical fiber SM 9.2/125/245/900 Gi 50/125/250/900 HCS 200/230/500/900
    2 cords
    Optical connectors FC, Sc, dSC, ST, Mic, LC, MU, DIN, D4 FC, SC, dSC, ST, Mic, MT-RJ, LC, MU, minBNC, F06, F008, SMA905 FC, SC, SMA905, SMA906, Vpin, ST, F05, F06, F07, F08, PN
OSK19WY101 Tactical light cable

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