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OSK29NA101 Coil tester

Coil tester
        Coil, transformer, IH cooker / rice cooker, motor, HV monitor 
        This is a device, that estimates the relative pressure of coil by impressing very narrow high voltage into the coil, taking in the resonance wave form, coming coil to the tester and extracting different ingredients, that are included in the wave
    1. Original impulse emitting type due to the power MOS semiconductor
    2. Digitization of standard acception judgement
    3. Data of measurement, inspection, installation conditions can be saved at memory card
    4. All types of standard interface equipment are installed
    5. It conducts the judgement of acceptance by setting the displayed upper/lower values, that catched the pecularity of damped oscillation by impulse. That impulse is emitted by power MOS generating circuit instead of judgement of acceptance by comparative law of wavelenght
    1. It can detect minimal Corona electric discharge and predict the short circuit accident
    2. Precise detection and walking improvement
    3. Improvement of management practice and labour saving
    4. Can be applied to automatic line
    Model OSK29NA101
    No. Item Specifications Permittable deviation
    1 Impulse output voltage -0.1~-6.0kV 0.01kV unit changeable ±0.2kV or ±20%
    2 Output current 100Amax
    3 Output pulse width 5 points among 0.6~4.0μs All settings are about 5%
    4 Pulse output cycle 10ms ±1%
    5 Testing speed 10ms after starting command, it outputs the acceptance/rejection and renew the acceptance/rejection results till the stop command at the same time with pulse output -
    6 Output voltage measurement Applied voltage, resonance voltage 0.0~10.0kV Measurement resolution 0.1kV
    7 Output electric flow measurement Applied / resonance electric flow 0.0~100A Measurement resolution 0.1kV*range
    8 Quality measurements 00~99% (Upper/lower limit acceptance judgement) 100μ~100H, 3% than of real wave form value
    9 Current phase 90, zero delay ±60.0° ±0.2°
    10 Measurement of special vibration cycle 0.1~7999us(Upper/lower limit acceptance judgement) 100μ~100H, 0.1% than of real wave form value + 1 digit
    11 Corona volume detection (Corona electric discharge) 0.01~6.0kV O-p (Upper/lower limit acceptance judgement) Experiment by pseudo-Corona generator and value by calculation. No guarantee for precision
    12 Wave monitor Exterior digital oscilloscope wave output. Voltage conversion ※V/kV Output resistance :50Ω DC 20MHz Conforming to the 1/1000 waveshape accordance law to the standard attenuator
    13 Exterior control I/F Rele output, USB -
    14 Memory I/F Multi media card -
    15 Power supply AC100~220V±10% 50,60Hz 70 VA
    16 Weight Main body:8.0㎏ Accessories:Testing coaxial cable, Power supply cable, Console
    17 Size 370×150×350 -
    *There may be some cases, when specifications may be changed without prior notice
OSK29NA101 Coil tester

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