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OSK29SS101 Non-contact thickness measuring device

Non-contact thickness measuring device
Non-contact thickness measuring device
    1. High-precision non-contact measurement of thickness of the silicon wafer or the chemical compound wafer for the semi-conductors
    2. High-precision non-contact measurement of glass panel and metal things
    3. Camber measurement of the above-mentioned materials
    1. Due to the use of the air back pressure type, it is possible to conduct the non-contact measurements without any damage such as scratch or contamination
    2. There is no dependence on the materials with thin film or colored, so the high-precision non-contact measurements can be easily performed
    3. The non-contact measurements under the conditions of water leakage are possible
    4. The measurements can be conducted even if the mirror surface is transparent or , mirror, half-transparent
    5. Measured by the up/down nozzle, you can precisely measure the  "thickness" without influence of the uplifting by the camber of the measured object.  The measurements of camber is possible as an option
    6. The operation is very simple, so the measurement and calibration can be easily conducted
    1. Due to the non-contact air back-pressure type, it doesn't pose any damage such as scratch or contamination
    2.  It doesn't get influenced by the reflection of light and refraction, so the precision measurements are possible
    3. Even if the washing liquid were left, it will be blown away, so there will be no errors in measurement
    4. The measurement value doesn't depend on the skills of the measuring person. The results will be the same, regardless of who is making the measurements
    Model OSK29SS101
    Resolution  0.1μm
    Repeating precision The standard scale for regular repeating measurements for 10 times     less, than  (1σ) 0.3μm
    Measurement range max.10mm 
    Energy supply Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 3A
     Clean air  0.4MPa  20NL/min

    Non-contact thickness measurement device "OSK29SS101" table type and options chart
    Table type for standard machine
    As the measuring table is attached to the standard machine, please, choose 1 model from the following chart
    Type Table type
    Fixation TK ☆-△
    Manual Y table (can move forward and back) TMY ☆-△
    Manual Y-0 table (can move forward and back and rotate at ±120° TMYR ☆-△
    Manual X-Y table (can move forward, back, left and right) TMXY ☆-△
    Electric Y table (can move forward and back) TAY ☆-△
    Electric Y-0 table (can move forward and back and rotate at ±120° TAYR ☆-△
    Electric X-Y table (can move forward, back, left and right) TAXY ☆-△
    Special specifications (*Q) TZ
    ☆ Size number △ Material number
    Size code - 2 (0.5 - 2''), 5(3-5''), 8(5-8''), 12(8-12'') Material code - A(Aluminum, anodized aluminum), P(POM), E(PEEK), S(SUS), F(PTFE) J (Ceramic), Q (Special specifications)
    Option Option model Content
    Adhesion table VN The adhesion work structure can be added to this table
    Laser Marker LM It irradiates the measurement target position by laser
    Software for displaying the distribution of thickness DR It displays the thickness distribution at the time of multi-point measurements in 3D format
    Camber measuring software WP Hardware and software for camber measurements
    Displaying the user-designated format FM Displaying the measurement data in the format, specified by customers
    Data transmission software  LN It will extract the measurement results from the above data
    Bar code reader BR It can be used for S/N or Lot control by barcode
    Printer PR It prints out the measurement results
    Superfine measurement nozzle SN If you need to reduce the measurement spot diameter of hole bottom thickness diameter such as MEMS
    Air supply refining machine set DA It puts together the air dryer and filter
    Vacuum generation device VS It puts together the vacuum generation device for adhesion structure
    CtoC automatic transportation CZ Fully automatic measurement system
    Calibration gauge with documents GS Inspection results report, calibration report, traceability report are attached
    Eligibility judgement certificate ED Issuing the export eligibility certificate
    Contract for the regular maintenance MT Conducting the inspection, maintenance and check once a year for 5 years
    (* 1) VN doesn't include the vacuum source. We will use the customer's line
    (* 2) FM will be added
    (* 3) VN will be added
    (*Q) Need to hold a separate meeting regarding this point 
OSK29SS101 Non-contact thickness measuring device

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