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OSK22SN10 Ultrasonic anemometer

Ultrasonic anemometer
Ultrasonic anemometer
    For general weather observation, observation for atmospheric diffusion,  local strong wind disaster, and building-induced wind.
    • Measurement from 0m/s to 90m/s with high response and linearity
    •  Suitable for snowfall region with built-in heater model
    •  Assembled with a lightning surge protective element
    • Compact design and light weight
    • Without moving parts, free from damages under the strong wind condition
    •  Long-term stable measurement is possible 
    • Highly reliable data can be obtained at the time of raining
    • Possible to measure from 0 m/s
    • Damages and deterioration are less 
    • Protect anemometer from surge voltages 
    Measurement method Time sharing, transmission and reception, switching type, ultrasonic pulse emission
    Processing method Ultrasonic propagation reciprocal
    Measurement range 0 - 90m/s (Wind velocity)
    0 - 540degree (Wind direction)
    Accuracy Wind velocity: +/-0.2m/s   or    +/-3% Reading (RD) (whichever larger )
    Wind direction: 0.2 degree
    Output intervals 10 times per second
    Digital output Type: RS-422
    Data speed: 19200bps
    Data length: 8bit
    Parity: none
    Stop bit: 1bit
    Output signals Instantaneous wind velocity (Ui),  Instantaneous wind direction (φi),  Instantaneous component wind velocity ( Xi, Yi)
    Protective circuit Assembled with lighting surge protective element
    Main material Aluminum die-casting
    Color White
    Ambient temperature  -40 to +60 deg.C (No snow and freezing)
    Ambient moisture 10  to 100%RH
    Power source DC9V to 36V approx. 6W
    Weight Apporx. 1kg
OSK22SN10 Ultrasonic anemometer

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