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OSK21AI101 series Luminance color shading analyzer

Luminance color shading analyzer
        This is multipoint device which measures and diplays the color luminance and color shading by using a CCD color camera and measuring all objects in the area
        3types Luminance color shading analyzer OSK21AI101A, B, C

    1. Calibrated by PR-650 spectrometer of Photo research company, it shows the absolutevalue of luminance
    2. It can save the real-time image and luminance dispersion image, therefore it is possible to use as a database
    3. It transformates the real-time image and luminance dispersion image into BMP file and numerical data into CSV
    4. By displaying the pseudo color, it can easily detect the luminance range level
    5. It has various applications: measurement of luminance waves, multipoints and luminance dispersion
    6. By setting a displaying area of pseudo color at a certain point, it is possible to emphasize the dispersion
      1. It can control the luminance level by pointing a camera at the inspected object and automatically detect the objects with ±1% accuracy. It displays the most suitable data.
      2. By selecting various kinds of software, the specialized measurement of luminance shading and control of cpatured points which suits to your demand are possible.
      3. - Rates of luminance shading
        - Rates of stripe unsteadiness which are feeble luminance changes shown as stripe shapes
        - Phenomenon such as star twinkling
        - Dispersion rates of powder size
        - Uneveness patch like that of film pattern
    1. There are no time lag during the rotation of filter as it used to be in the previous models.XYZ3CCD area sensor enebales to measure speedily and more precisely
    2. We developed standard light source with high uniformity and no drift Provides suitable revision of a certain camera such as aberration of lenses by high-level calibration method.
    3. It can detect even the small unevenness which is hidden in usual noise
      OSK21AI101A OSK21AI101B OSK21AI101C
    Optical detection unit 1CCD Image sensor 3CCD Image sensor (XYZ filter)
    Measuring points 640×480 points 512×400 points
    Luminance measurement range 20・0.000cd/㎡(Absolute value dispaly) 0.002・00.000cd/㎡ 0.001・00.000cd/㎡
    Measurement precision luminance(Y) ±4% (standard light source) luminance(Y) ±1% (standard light source)
    Luminance reproductivity luminance(Y) ±2% (standard light source) luminance(Y) ±1% (standard light source) luminance(Y) ±0.5% (standard light source)
    Color precision   Color(x, y)±0.002 (standard light source) Color(x, y)±0.001 (standard light source)
    Color reproductivity   Color(x, y)± 0.002 (standard light source) Color(x, y)± 0.001(standard light source)
    Display uniformity*     brightness(Y) ±0.5%(standard light source)
    *Display uniformity is the expression for uneveness of center luminance and color of all dots within measuring area
OSK21AI101 series Luminance color shading analyzer

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