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OSK21NO102 Green laser vibrometer

Green laser vibrometer
    1. This device is laser doppler vibrometer, that uses green light source - secondary higher harmonic of YAG laser (wave length 532 nm)
    2. Non-destructive vibration meter
    3. Vibration analysis of piezoelectric actuator
    4. Vibration meter of micro machine
    5. Vibration analysis of electronic device
    6. Large structure vibration analysis
    1. Non-contact vibration measurements are possible
    2. High sensitivity
    3. Low electricity consumption, environment-friendly design
    4. Device with wide range of options, that can correspond to different needs
    1. Small-shape, light weight, easy to use
    2. Low cost
    Model OSK21NO102
    Item Sensor head (VMS 100) /Signal processing unit (SPU-10D) speciifcations
    Measured frequency 1Hz - 300kHz
    Measured range L-300k Specifications F.S.: 5m/s(1m/s/V)
      M-300K Specifications F.S.: 1m/s(0.1m/s/V)
      S-300K Specifications F.S.: 0.1m/s(0.01m/s/V)
      Choose 1 range from 3 types (Should be specified before leaving the factory)
    H.P.F. OFF (1Hz), 300Hz
    L.P.F. 30kHz, OFF (300kHz)
    Measured distance Approx. 0.3 - 3m (It depends on the reflection shape of measured object)
    Beam diameter Approx. less, than φ25μ / if the measured distance is 300 mm
    Laser light source Green laser (Wave lenght 532 nm), output:less, than 1mW, (laser safety standard, class 2)
    Dimensions/ Weight Sensor head:H108 x W54 x D216mm, approx. 1.7 kg (with plate)
      Signal processing unit :H120 x W90 x D320mm, approx. 2.7kg
    Electic power AC100V - 220V ±10, (50 - 60Hz correspondence), 32VA
    Optional devices
    1. Orthogonal electromagnet(Coreless, or with iron core)
    2. Magnetization power supply
    3. Objective Lens(5x, 10x, 100x)
OSK21NO102 Green laser vibrometer

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