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OSK21AD102 Color environment measurement product

Color environment measurement product
    1. Automatic calculation device wich easily measures visual color environment of city landscape and city environment by surface and points
    2. It can be used for state, region adminstrative body, university, research facilities, general constructor, landscape gardening companies, architectural industries
    1. Possible to measure color at certain point or range(surface)
    2. RGB, xvY,u'v', Lab, mansel value can be measured
    It can quickly display the results of measurement and save it in excel file 
    Can divide the image into 11 colors categories \"Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Peach, Tea, Ash, White, Black
    It can display the measurements results of color image and classified category
    It can display the color image RGB and brightness histogramm
    It can measure the comfort index of color environment (Comfort 100~0 discomfort)
    Comfort index increases as the feeling of comfort, relax and calmness gets bigger
    At the other hand the index decreases according to noticeability, visual attraction, noisy color and discomfort 
    Comfort index is calculated on the basis of saturation and color number applying oppoist colors (red⇔green、blue⇔yellow)
    1. This is portable device integrated with digital camera and color environment measurement
    2. Measuring color is easy just pressing shutter button of a camera
    3. It is possible to calculate the green ratio by taking image picture of city landscape, public facilities
    4. Measuring the comfort index at color environment based on psychology
    5. It shows the guide for improving the color tone of visual environment
    1. PC for green ratio measurements (English specifications)
    2. Digital camera for green ration measurements (English specifications)
    3. Metal parts for PC and digital camera for green ratio measurements /li>
    4. CD-R
      Green ratio measurement processing soft and manual (English version)
    5. Product key 
      Quantity -1
    Power supply specifications
    AC100V,~240V single phase 
    *The transformer and plug adjustable to each country are necessary
OSK21AD102 Color environment measurement product

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