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OSK21TB101 Contrast tester

Contrast tester
    1. Quality management of high quality ink for RGB color filter of liquid crystal display
    2. Measurement of state of ink particles and dispersion
    1. It can measure the contrast of color filter inks which are used at liquid crystal display
    2. It can measure extinction value of test pieces by measuring the maximal and minimal of transmitted luminance from light source with fixed luminance value
    3. Can easily control and obtain data by original software
    4. The luminance meter and light source are changeable
    5. Automatic calibration
    6. Saving and printout of data
        Evaluate the quality of ink by simple operation
        Specifications may be changed according to the environment of the test location
    Model OSK21TB101
    Measured points Contrast (extinction), luminance extinction, color, wave length (accroding to luminance meter)
    Object of measurement Glass board coated with color filtering ink
    Max. value of tested materials 100mm×100mm
    Min. value of tested materials 40㎜×40㎜
    Max. value of tested materials thickness 2.0㎜
    Blank extinction value "luminance of light source:0.1"cd/㎡ (Changeable to low luminance)
    Measurement reproductivity +/-5% (Temperature 25℃+/-5℃)
    0 Stage resolution 0.0025°
    Measurement display ①Max luminance ②Min luminance ③Contrast ④Color x,y ⑤Wave length (by luminance meter)
    Power supply AC100, AC220V, 50/60Hz
    Electricity consumption Approx. 180VA(without PC)
    Measurement environment <Temperature>5℃~45℃ <Humidity>30%~85%
    Dimensions & Weight <Main body>W410 x H1510 x D410mm, Approx. 45.0㎏
    *Specifications may be changed according to the customers order
OSK21TB101 Contrast tester

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