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OSK21TB102 Focus tester

Focus tester
        Measuring the contrast and pint deviation of camera lense
    1. It can measure and digitize the difference from basic position of lenses
    2. It measures the contrast of lenses
    3. Applied lenses are F≒10~75㎜(open type)
    4. 16 types of sensitivity according to the type of lenses
    5. Range of measurements - from TELE to WIDE
    6. Measure by speed switching Open/F8
    7. Controlling and obtaining the data by external communication
    1. Uniformed measurements
    2. Momental measurements
    3. Ideal for calibration / adjustment
    4. Automatically measure deviation of fixed lenses, zoom lenses and pint
        The specifications of measuring equipment may be changed according to the customers requirements
    Model OSK21TB102
    Collimator lenses f=300㎜ D=50㎜
    Testing lenses F≒10㎜~75㎜(Open type)
    Measured items ① Focus position of lens
      +/-⊿f of position of basic focusing (0 base)
    ② Contrast ratio
      Contrast amount of basic lense
    Displaying ① Focus ① Digital 4numbers (1μm)
    ② Contrast , Digital 2 numbers
    Chart Diameter Φ4.0mm Width 0.25㎜(Ring)
    Sensitivity switch Low sensitivity SENS1~SENS8, comparatively bright lenses
    High sensitivity SENS1~SENS8 comparatively dark lenses
    Length wave measuring 583 +/-20nm
    Measurement precision 5/1000㎜ notice 5/10000 round off
    Measurements environment [Temperature]10℃~40℃ [Humidity] less than 80%
    Output data RS232C base
    Electric consumption 150W
    Dimensions and weight Main body W920 x H340 x D340㎜, approx. 61㎏
    Displayed part W156 x H66 x D100㎜
OSK21TB102 Focus tester

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