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OSK22AD series Corona discharge tester

Corona discharge tester
        Electric products, driven by high frequency and high voltage ・Inverter controller products (Air conditioner、Refrigerator)structure parts, (inverter motor, backlight trans, trigger coiler, HID igniter, strobe charging transformer, connector, wire rod, isolation materal)
    1. It is possible to make test at the high-frequency atmosphere, close to the working atmosphere of inverter surge, which causes corona discharge
    2. 2 types of printing (Intermittent and continuous mode), can be chosen depending on the testing purposes   Wide lineup, that complies with different voltage and frequency.
    3. It can make electric inspection, so even if corona discharge appears at the place where visual inspection is impossible
    4. Non-destructive inspection is possible because the Corona Discharge Tesrer application can be stopped at 30m/sec
    5. Tuct time is 3 seconds and all items inspection at the production line is possible
OSK22AD series Corona discharge tester

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