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OSK22AT101 Fluorescent type oxygen meter

Fluorescent type oxygen meter
      - Oxygen density measurements at the field of research, cells cultivation and quality control
    1. Long-term oceanographic survey and cultivation in sea
    2. Checking the density of oxygen at airation tank of water purification facility (fine bubble)
    3. Can be also used at space environment
    4. Food inductry (measuring of creamy object like yogurt and etc.)
    5. Measuring oxygen density of semiconductors at vacuum
    6. Chemical plant (measuring of food oil and organic solvent)
    1. Simple structure
    2. Wide range of measurement objects
    3. Sensor doesn't consume the oxygen
    4. Increase of reproductivity after autoclaving
    1. It doesn't use membrane, electrolytic solution or glass pipe, thus there are no threat of liquid leaking
    2. Easy change of consumables parts
    3. Basic structure consists of only sensor tip and light fibre, therefore you can conduct measurements at the vacuum and can bear the high pressure place
    4. It can measure the dissolved oxygen in water, oil, and solvent
    5. Measuring the density of oxygen inside the gas body
    6. It can measure the little quantity of samples during the long time
    7. It can continuously conduct measurement after sterilization
    Model OSK22AT101
    Measuring method Oxygen density :Fluorescent type oxygen meter
    Measurement range Oxygen density :0.0・0.0%
    Dissolved oxygen :0.00・0.00mg/L
    Compensated temperature Temperature :5.0・5.0℃
    Calibration ZERO :N2 gas or 0% water
    SPAN :In the atmosphere
    Response speed 90% response :180 seconds
    Reproductivity 1atmosphere ・in case 25℃, F.S±5 
    transmission output 4・0mA or 0・V
    Sensor part Material :SUS316
    Sterilization condition :121℃ less, can resist to the pressure less than 0.2MPa
    Measurement ability Chemical resistance :PH2・2
    Pressure resistance :less, than 0.2MPa
    Measurement temperature :5・5℃
    Power supply AC100V  0.3A
    Consumables Fluorescent tip Change once a year
    Sensor part accessories
    Measured objects Oxygen density at liquid and gas bodies
    Working temperature 5・0℃  
    Humidity 20・5%(no condensation)
    Pressure resistance Max:0.3MPa Regular use:0.2MPa
    Sterilization condition Steam sterilization 121℃
    Chemical resistance pH2・0(Sensor point)
    Outer dimensions Measured part:Φ16×L130 Main body:approx. 340mm
    Weight Approx. 1.1kg  
    Sensor cable 2m  
    Electricity cable 1.5m (AC-DC electricity cable)
    Calibration kit CO2 gas pump and sensor flow cell
    Sterilization cap Heat-proof plastic (PPS)
OSK22AT101 Fluorescent type oxygen meter

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