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OSK22AT102A,B Field controller

Field controller
    Oxygen density measurements at the field of research, cells cultivation and quality control
    1. Long-term oceanographic survey and cultivation in sea
    2. Checking the density of oxygen at airation tank of water purification facility (fine bubble)
    3. Can be also used at space environment
    4. Food inductry (measuring of creamy object like yogurt and etc.,)
    5. Measuring oxygen density of semiconductors at vacuum
    6. Chemical plant (measuring of food oil and organic solvent)
      1. It is light weight and compact design with many various functions
      2. Equipped with functions of timer such as interrupter and delay
      3. By using the front membrane sheet, it raises its durability at bad environment

        • It protects the memory at the time of blackout and backup allsetting value
          After restoration of power it can continue the measurements in the same mode as before
        • It can connect with PC by adding RC-232 units
          1 PC can be connected with 24 controllers at maximum
      • Equipped with function of self-tuning which automatically calculate the PID fixed number 
        adjustable to the controlled object(DO・TH・RT・PS・FL)
      • It uses the function of overshooting for controlling the overshoot at the time of start
      • Centralized monitoring such as data gathering and change of all settings is possible by host computer 
        1 PC can be connected with 31 controller
    1. It displays the state of controller at LED which helps you quickly understand the process
    2. No neseccary in wiring the external connector
    3. It is durable at bad environment
    4. By incresing the number, you can drastically reduce the costs
    5. It can be applied to various instrumentary systems
    6. You can quickly understand the state of process
    Model OSK22AT102A OSK22AT103
    Installation requirements 0-40℃ 20-85%RH(no condensation), no corrosive gases " 0-5℃ 20-90%RH (no condensation), no corrosive gases
    Isolation resistance lnput ・case over 100MΩ  power terminal…ase 500VD.C10MΩ  lnput…ase over 100MΩ  power terminal…ase  DC500V 20MΩ
    Low noise NEMA 1 cs3・04 base
    Alarm output * Upper lower level dry contact point output 125V 2A (resistance)
    Dry contact point, 250V 2.4A (resistance load)AL1,AL2 2 points
    Display:LED flicker *Optional functions *AF doesn't have AL1, AL2. RT,PS,FL has AL2 as option
    Change Change input signal by changing waves frequency and display the average value of sampling
    Display 4 digits, 7 segments LED, LED mode, LED lamp, Red light, alarm, flicker LED lamp, 7 segments LED:11mm(h) LED lamp:CNT, L/R, H,L PV 4 digits, green color 10mm(h)character display SV 4 digits, red color 8mm(h) functions displaying LED red color, AL1, AL2, OUT1, OUT2, RDY, LED green COM
    Sampling cycle 100・50mS
    Supporting precision F.S ±(0.5%+1digit)(Temperature range 23±10℃) F.S ±(0.3%+1digit)(Temperature range 23±10℃)
    TH: F.S.±(0.3%+1digit)(Temperature range 23±10℃)  
    Transmission output 0・0mV D. C DC 4・0mA (Load resistance - less, than 600Ω)
    DC 4・0mA(Load resistance - less, than 600Ω)  
    1・V D.C/0・V D.C(please, specify at the time of shipment)  
    Saving conditions -25・0℃ 5・5%RH (No freezing, condensation)No coroosive gases
    Memory element 8 bit/internal ROM RAM EEPROM
    Power supply AC85・20V 50/60Hz 50VA AC100・40V±10% 12VA 50/60Hz
    Weight less than 1000g less than 240g
    Accessories Operation manual /mounting bracket
    Types PH(pH), TH(heat), AF(defoaming), FL(amount of flowing),EC(conductivity), DO(oxygen dissolution), RT(mixing),PS(pressure, ORP(oxygen restoration pressure) DO(oxygen dissolution), RT(mixing), PS(pressure)
OSK22AT102A,B Field controller

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