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OSK22MY101 CO2 monitor and module

CO2 monitor and module
        Food products, medicine, all types of manufacturing industries
    1. Utilizes the phenomenon of CO2 gas absorbs infrared ray around 4.26μm wavelength
    2. It uses small and high-performance ellipse shape sensor, measurement range is enlarged to 9,000PPM
    3. It uses SD card as recording media, therefore it can save the CO2 density measurement information for the period more than 2 years
    4. Has analog output, digital, serial output functions
    5. Equipped with the upper/lower limit temperature alarm device
    1. Sensor sensitivity is 3 times increased and CO2 density display precision also increases
    2. By using the ellipse shape sensor, the measurement range has increased to 9,000PPM
    Model OSK22MY101
    Measurement method NDIR(Non-dispersable infrared absorbtion)
    Measurement range 0~9,000PPM
    Measurement period 10sec.
    Sampling method Natural dispersion method
    Precision ±50PPm ± 5% displayed value
    Density display LCD (Unit:PPM, displaying movements of 16points, display device only)
    Temperature display LCD (Unit:℃ display device only)
    Analog output 0~2.81V/0~9,000PPM (16 points, average processing of movements)
    Digital output 0~3.3V serial output (temperature, density (average processing of movements)density measurement, signal strenght)
    Recording media Micro SD(temperature, density average processing of movements, density, signal strenght
    Density upper limit signal output 8,000PPM (possibly to customize, micro SD settings changeable)
    Density lower limit signal output 1,000PPM (possibly to customize, micro SD settings changeable)
    Power supply AC adaptor (Input AC100V, output DC5V)
    Outer dimensions8mm) /Weight CO2 monitor W105 x D81 x H46 220g
    Module type W95 x D75 x H28 64g
    Operating atmosphere. Temperature +5~45℃ Humidity:less than 90%(no condensation)
OSK22MY101 CO2 monitor and module

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