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OSK31MK103 Tooth surface cleaner

Tooth surface cleaner
        By spraying the cleaning powder inside of main body, it can remove the dental plaque, tea stain or nicotine tracks on the teeth
    1. Spraying the jet stream with cleaning powder, water
    2. New design made by advanced human engineering, which comfortably fits hands
    3. Contra-angle with high operability 
      -Head part in the shape of compact contra-angle which can access hardly acessible parts
    4. Improves cleaning efficiency
      - Head part has easy-to-remove structure thus it can be easily cleaned up. All parts can be sterilized in autoclave
    5. Can be changed by one touch 
      - Can be connected to the turbin hose. Quick joint type which can be moved between the units
    6. Can be applied to turbin hoses of main brands 
      - Popular types of turbin hoses in Europe are available
    7. There are 4 colors of main body 
      - By offering colors to the hospitals, you can relieve the patient's mood. In case you have many of them, you can use as a mark
    1. It can eliminate the dirt which can't be removed by toothbrush in short time
      The original white brightness of teeth can be easily recovered
    2. It uses the grip design which fits hands
      Stablenss has much improved during usage
    Model OSK31MK103
    Pressure (felt by hand) 0.4MPa
    Powder consumption rate 4g/min
    Volume of air consumption 12L/min
    Volume of water consumption 45ml/min
    Weight 147g (without powder)
    The cleaning powder can be banking soda sold in the market
    Greasing powder which has been recently increasing can be also used
OSK31MK103 Tooth surface cleaner

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