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OSK32FG101 Bil Micro Meter

Bil Micro Meter
    This product measures bilirubin that cause jaundice
    Enables to measure the total bilirubin in serum without being affected by an influence of the light quickly
    ISO9001, CE, Eco Action21
    • Auto-zero is automatically done by pressing Auto-zero button
    • An alarm signals abnormalities such as high concentrations or high hemolytic homoglobin etc
    • High stability and reliability / Dual wavelength analysis corrects the influences of hemolysis and turbidity
    • Conpact size & light weight (2.0kg)
    • Low power consumption (only 15VA)
    Model OSK32FG101
    Measuring range 0 to 30 mg/dl(total bllirubin)
    Response 3 seconds
    Correcting hemolysis 0 to 250 mg/dl
    Concentration alarm Indicates 999 for 31 mg/dl or more
    Turbidity alarm Turbidity of 250 mg/dl or more
    Filters 455nm & 575nm
    0 - A adjustment Automatically adjusted by pushing a button
    Sample blood volume 50 to 60μl(whole blood)
    Cell Designated capillary tube
    Display 3-digit 7-segment red LED
    Light source lamp White LED
    Dimensions W230 x D200 x H100 mm
    Weight approx. 2.0kg
    Power Supply AC 90 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 15VA
OSK32FG101 Bil Micro Meter

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