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OSK41KR101 High-functional arsenic adsorbent

High-functional arsenic adsorbent
        This is an inorganic arsenic adsorbent for removing of arsenic from underground water or civil drainage
    1. Can adsorb both arsenic acid (ASⅢ)and arsenious acid (ASⅤ)
    2. Arsenic adsorbtion ability is 6 times more than other exiting ones
    3. Arsenic adsorbtion range is wide (pH3 - 9), therefore pH adjustment is unnecessary
    4. Arsenic adsorbtion speed is fast and pass the water by SV7
    5. Since it eliminates arsenic by adsorption, cohesive material is unnecessary and no dirt is producing
    6. Arsenic adsorbtion ability is as 2% high as our previous ones
    7. As it is synthesized under the condition of ferrous sulfate, the arsenic adsorbtion ability is very high due to the unstable structure
    1. Can be used with compact settings
    2. The equipment and operation costs per treat water amount are low
      Raw water density treated water density Processing speed Duration of retention Arcenic adsorption amount
    Arcenic acid 0.4mg/L <0.01mg/L SV6.6 159days 24mg/g
    Arsenious acid 0.68mg/L <0.01mg/L SV7.7 82days 22gm/g
OSK41KR101 High-functional arsenic adsorbent

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