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OSK41TN101 Light-scattering real time dust density meter

Light-scattering real time dust density meter
    1. This is environment monitoring device for continuous measuring of gas, exhausted from boiler or incineration furnace
    2. For plants (iron・paper・garbage incineration・biomass boiler ・cement)
    1. Light scattering :It projects the light into the exhausted gas of chimney and measure the amount of light which are reflected by dust, then it caliculates the density of dust
    2. By continuous measuring the dust, it outputs the 4~20mA signal
    3. Its detective structure is maintenance-free
      1. It is possible to install it in the place with high-pressure (246KPa) and high temperature(820℃). Former meter couldnot be installed at such high temeprature
      2. Possible to measure the small amount of dust whereas single-pulse light transmitting type cannot actualize
      3. Can conduct the maintenance without stopping the device
        1. - During maintenance, it can smoothly proceed without stopping the equipment
          - There is no need to clean the detected parts as for every day inspection 
    1. Easy to install (The detector and main body may be separately installed therefore it is possible to install it using the existing handrails)

    Control box (Model:OSK41TN101)
    1. Structure Wall mount outdoor installation type
    2. Principle 90 degree back ward light scattering method
    3. Light source halogen light
    4. Measurement range 0 ? 500 mg/Nm3 relative density output (range is variable)
    5. External output DC 4-20mA Isolated output RS-232C
    6. Display Digital panel meter of 0 - 100%
    7. Alarm / failure output
    8. Calibration: Zero point adjustment , .Automatic / manual change selection ; Span adjustment
      Optical fiber cables are connected to calibrator. Span adjustment with manual operation
    9. Power supply AC100V±10% (50Hz/ 60Hz), 4A from purge air system box.
    10. Operating temperature -10 ?C ~ +50 ?C
    11. Demension 500 x 670 x 270mm
    12. Weight Approx. 45kg
    13. Finish painting color Munsel 5Y7/1 G=40
    Optical fiber cable set
      Diameter of bundle / Length 4 φ x 4m (standard)
    1. Demension 260 x 125 mm
    2. Weight Approx. 5kg
    3. Material Stainless steel (SUS304)
    4. Cartridge heater is equipped in order to prevent that the detector’s silica glass becomes cloudy with dew condensation by the moisture in purge air
    5. Attachment 200 x 65 mm rectangle hole is opened and attached to the duct. Please give the flange of an attachment part as construction side preparation. The packing between flange-detector is standard appending
    Purege air system box
    1. Installation restrictions 
      This unit is able to use in case of that process gas pressure is of the same grade as atmospheric pressure or when it is minus pressure
    2. Air flow Approx. 100 l/min
    3. Alarm / failure output air flow stop alarm by pump failure
    4. Power supply AC220V±10% (50Hz/ 60Hz), Capacity 1KVA
    5. Operating temperature -10 ?C ~ +50 ?C
    6. Demension 530 x 504 x 322mm
    7. Weight Approx. 35kg
OSK41TN101 Light-scattering real time dust density meter

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