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OSK52NH101 Work performance analysis software

Work performance analysis software
        The work improvement tool that shows the video of your work on PC
    1. The work improvement tool, that shows the video of your work on PC. Showing video on PC → easy measurement of time just by clicking the mouse→ automatic creation of graphic and chart → Standartization, comparison of 2 displays, extraction of problems, automatic creation of combination list of standard work, easy editing by mouse→ "Workers education, easy and speedy work improvement process"
    2. Low cost, easy-to-introduce settings (functions adding according to the needs is possible)
    3. Due to the effective use of chart and graph, it becomes very easy to understand
    4. Can be applied to all image formats. No need to change the image. As you took the picture, you can immediately use it
      1. Work analysis
        1. - Time analysis just by clicking mouse on the picture
          - You can easily create the analysis chart and procedure manual
          - It can automatically calculate the summary sheet by classification and cycle measurement
          - It is easy to pick up the still image of arbitrary position
          - Chart will be finished at the same time interval
          - It is possible to fast-forward and rewind the scenes to get the clear results
      1. Transmission of skills
        1. - It can compare qualified and non-qualified workers 
          - By taking picture of unnecessary work, it can compare the effect of improvement 
      1. Work education
        1. - Each one factor of work can be easily put on 1 page Power Point format with animation
          - It is the best solution for work improvement meetings or sharing the information 
      1. Effectiveness
        1. - You can make standard simulation by checking working image and analysis chart
          - You can easily recompose data by dracking and dropping the work formation
          *Image and chart can be interchange 
          - Automatic calculation of most optimal way of compilation
      1. Work improvement
            1. - You can easily create the chart from analysis data and put it to Excel format
              - You can also add irregular work
              *Cycle time, including irregular work also can be calculated
      Working atomosphere
    Model OSK52NH101
    Operation System Windows 7 (32/64bit Japanese version)
    Windows Vista/Vista (32/64bit Japanese version)
    Windows XP SP3(32bit Japanese version)
    ※We can't guarantee you good performance under Windows XP 64bit
    ※We can't guarantee you good performance with language, other than of this product
    Processor Core2Duo (Except low voltage)or more
    Memory 2 GB or more
    Image resolution More, than 1024×768 (more, than 1280×800 - recommended)
    Limitation by graphic card It can't be used at PC with Quadro series graphic card (NVIDIA company)
    Image format AVI(MotionJpeg),MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4,H.264,WMV,MOV
    *There is a limit of image reproduction speed dependiing on the image format
    *MOV format can be reproducted by installing the decoder filter
    *The format of image file that can't be reproducted can be changed by other software
    Others 1 USB port can be used for connecting the software protection
OSK52NH101 Work performance analysis software

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