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OSK29KY101A,B Microbe rapid testing device

Microbe rapid testing device
    1. Automatic measurements of microbes (measuring the number of microbes) *it can't define the type of microbes
    2. Food, cosmetic industry
    1. Rapid measurement:It doesn't require cultivation and can make speedy measurement
    2. Simple measurement :After filtering, it can be set at the device and automatically make measurement (filtering tips ・uses chemical reagent)
    3. High precision measurements : It can digitally process the luminating point and measure with high precision (Measurement unit : 10 pcs)
    4. Culture medium is unnecessary : It can measure luminous point as a microbes so it doesn't need the special multi-type culture medium
    5. OSK29KY101B can count only alive micorbes
    Method of light emission by fluorescent staining
      It can combine with α alive/dead microbe DNA, chemical reagent α, than emit the fluorescence by ultraviolet rays (UV), dead body DNA. It also uses chemical reagent βto emit βlight by green light and by staining the bacterias, it can define different types of bacterias
        Reagent C reacts to stimulative agents in cell and by irradiating blue lights, emits fluorescence

        It counts one emitting point as one alive cell
    1. Rapid measurements
    2. Simplification
    3. Low cost
    Model OSK 29KY101A OSK 29KY101B Remarks
    Outer dimensions 218W X 391D X 319Hmm -
    Weight 8.2kg -
    Power supply DC12V Special AC adapter
    Operation temperature 15-30℃/20-85%RH No condensation
    Measurement method Fluorescent painting Counting the number of dead/alive bacteries
    Measuring time Approx. 10 min Approx. 6 min Measuring time differs accoring to PC's specification
    Measurement object Number of alive/dead microbe Number of alive microbe yeast and mold may not be calcualted precisely
    Recommended measurement area 102-105 PC/ filter 50-105PC/filter Displaying unit - 10 pcs
    PC I/F USB 1 port Special USB cable or measurement soft CD
OSK29KY101A,B Microbe rapid testing device

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