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OSK41KK8AT,15DF Central kitchen water purification system

Central kitchen water purification system
        Reverse osmosis membrane water purification system for food processing, cooking, medicine manufacturing and all types of laboratory.
    1. Applying reverse osmosis membrane, it can eliminate heavy metals or dioxine, radioactive materials which cannot be eliminated by usual water purification method
    2. Compact design (All-in-one design in SUS body)
    3. Water production volume may be changed according to the customer's order(Please, specify m3/Day、L/Hr)
    4. Function of elimination of radioactive material (Iodine)was checked during the preparation exam "JWPA&NSF"protocol
    1. Improves the extracted beverage in smell, color and taste of tea, black tea and coffee
    2. Long endurance of vegetables and fresh flowers freshness
    3. Contributes to the better taste of cooked rice
    4. Educes the taste of food straight
    Model OSK41KK8AT OSK41KK15DF
    Supplied volume of purified water *1(1 day) approx. 7.5m3/D approx. 15m3/D
            (1hour) approx. 300L/Hr approx. 600L/Hr
    Outer dimensions(㎜) W1350×D600×H850 W750×D600×H1800
    Primary side water supply/drainage hose diameter Water supply 15A ≤,Water drainage 40A≤ Standart accessories =PT Water supply 20 ≤,Water drainage 40A≤ Standart accessories =PT
    Primary side necessary water supply pressure Usual time 0.3MPa Usual time 0.3MPa
    Primary side necessary water supply electric power 100V 15A (Private circuit)≤ Earthed consent 100V 20A (Private circuit)≤ Earthed consent
    Consumed electricity 800W (During waiting 50W) 800W (During waiting 50W)
    * Connected to the storage tank, corresponds to the large amount of water immediate supply. 
    Water quality can be changed according to your wish Please, specify - TDS, mS/cm, MΩ(Mega Om)
    1. Water purification ability can be changed depending on the quality of raw water, water temperature and water pressure, so the preliminary water inspection is necessary
    2. Depending on the quality of raw water, additional equipment may be necessary
    3. Construction costs will be calculated according to the local situation
    4. Maintenance costs will depend on the raw water quality and volume of purified water, so the plrelimination inspection is necessary. Quotation will be made.
OSK41KK8AT,15DF Central kitchen water purification system

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