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OSK41SS101 Energy saving system controller

Energy saving system controller
        Used at existing control panels of factory or buildings equipment such as air conditioner, air compressor. It outputs rotation speed commands to inverter of cooled water circulation device and provides the energy saving operation with dractical electricity saving effect.
      1. Easy installation
      2. Can be easily installed into circuits of existing equipment, measure the temperature of cooled water at the inlet of circulation pump, calculating at the controller, and output the minimal necessary rotation frequency to inverter.
      3. Easy adjustment
      4. Setting the standard data corresponding to the equipment specifications at controller, (Using sensor switchtouch panel)
      5. Easy external operations
      6. External wiring is just about wiring the temperature sensor (Resistance temperature detector Pt100)
    1. High energy saving effect
    2. Providing the 63% saving of electricity consumption and 62% of CO2 exhaustion. (Based on the research of big electric manufacturers Central Research Institute)
    3. Compact/ Low cost
    Model OSK41SS101
    Controller size W220 x D260 x H120
    (W180 x D240 x H100 output type)
    Process control When difference is bigger, automatically change coefficient, automatic revised caliculation
    Installation days Bassically one day
    Setting half day
    Measurement sensor Outside temeperature, flow temperature, pressure
    1. It is possible to control 2 pumps by only one controller.
    2. Thermometer range - up to -50deg.C
    3. It is possible to cut the electricity at peak usage
    4. Multi package type air conditioner doesn't need a inverter and can control up to 5 pcs
    5. User can set or change the conditions of controlling at the touch panel
OSK41SS101 Energy saving system controller

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