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OSK51TK5000 Automatic visual inspection system with neuro visual sensor

Automatic visual inspection system with neuro visual sensor
    1. The onlie automatic visual inspection system for flat panel display, film, metal plates, semiconductor relevance, precision parts, solar batteries, cylindrical shape objects, automobile electronic parts, iron structure objects( express way, brideges), plant tank ,etc.
    2. Its detection ability is 100 times more than that of human eye
    1. It can detect such thin things as human hair (20 Micron) from the 3.6m distance and 2.4m width with focus width 1300mm It has been patented in 14 countries including Japan, and have received several rewards. It can conduct different kinds of detection and processing depending on the processor
    2. It can conduct speedy inspection of a visual field width of 1,200 mm by one camera (Upper drawing shows inspection of 50μm)By narrowing visual fieldwidth, it can detect the flaws up to 0.09μm (If field of view is 8mm)
    3. It can detect even small color unevenness or paint unevenness: low contrast defect can be detected at precision 14 times higher than that of human eye
    4. It can detect different types of flaws simultaneously:you can install 4 image processing devices at maximum.
    5. Overwhelming large depth of field : approx. 6,000 times more than of CCD line sensor camera (detection of 50 micron object)Detection of solid body shape is also possible
    6. It can conduct the inspection under low illumination : As for inspection which low illuminance is required such as products related to display, its inspection sensitivity is 200 times higher than existing camera. Operating reliable inspection under all the conditions is possible
    7. A wide selection of integrated management system: support image resolution software (analyzer), active navigation,de facto navigation, defects image display software
    8. Online inspection resolution system is integrated at standard
    9. Wide range of options
    10. Due to the automatic tracking algorhythm of illumination light source as time changes, severe light volume regulation is unnecessary
    11. Can be easily installed at the production or inspection line
    12. The first system in the world which totally eliminated the mistakes
    1. Universal product which doesn't depend on the inspected object:from large things such as iron steel plates and cars to submicron order inspection such as semiconductors wafers with different shapes - long, cylindric, disc, long shaped objects The inspection doesn't depend on the size or shape of inspected objects.
    2. It doesn't get influenced by vibration or tramp of inspected objects
    3. The inspection is possible by only one camera, thus subtle angle adjustment is possible
    4. Easy maintenance: there is no need to align, focus or periodically change the sensitivity of camera. Moreover, the camera is settled far away from the object, so the lenses will not get dirty.
    5. The precision of the visual field width is 1/115850 - the most precised in the world
    Model OSK51TK5000
    Lenses PENTAX-K mount
    F1.4・0㎜ standard
    Picture taking 3D type
    Position(X) Brightness (Z) Same-time reading
    Position・Time (Y) expanded mode
    Resolution Position(X) axis=5120 min.
    Brightness (Z) axis=256 steps
    Position・time(Y) axis=unlimited
    Cutting speed 2000 scan/sec (32000 scan/sec)
    Main clock 10MHz
    Interface Parallel binary 10bit system
    Defects detection
    Parallel processing 4 (Max)
    Detect emphasizing process triangle process
    tremore process
    Space-time triangle process
    Amacrine process
    Processor PoerPC405(multiple)
    Image processing circuit  
    Camera interface / PC interface
      Parallel binary 10bit system
    Image signal monitor BNC connector (analog image signal、
      simultaneous signal)
    Input signal interface
    Input/Output signal NG output
    (Photo coupler isolation) ALL OK output
      unit output
      syncronization input
      Status output (READY signal、ONLINE signal)
      Rotary encoder input (Input voltage 12V)
      NG signal strope output
      Healthy output
    OK/NG signal output timing After inspection is finished
      Real-time output during inspection
      Rotary encoder syncronization shift output
OSK51TK5000 Automatic visual inspection system with neuro visual sensor

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