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OSK52SZ101 Long-distance control/maintenance solution

Long-distance control/maintenance solution
        It is a system which enables to share the present image, taken by camera via Internet at real time with the person at distant place and provides a voiced/handwritten technical guidance and troubleshooting
    1. Adding the explanation directly to the image of distant camera by voice or handwriting at the same time, and all the explanation has made are recorded to the video accordingly.
    2. By remote control of PC at distance, handwritten comments are possible to all the data and applications (Drawing, Pictures, Images) shown on PC
      It can conduct simulataneously the real-time training at many different plants at distance
    3. This system can work with 1MbpsM Internet speed
    1. By connecting it to the wireless LAN, you can check the real time situation at the plant
    2. By making orders using voice and handwritten guidance on the real-time video, you can explain directly to the workers what they have to do
    Item Recommended specifications
    O/S Windows2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7
    CPU More than Pentium IV
    Memory More than 2GB
    HDD More than 2GB
    CD-ROM faster, than 24 times
    Image resolution More than 1024*768
    Item Recommended specifications Minimal specifications
    O/S Windows Server 2000、2003、2008 Windows XP Pro
    Datebase MS SQL 2005 Standard More than MS SQL Express  Edition
    CPU More than Pentium Core2 Duo1.8GHz More than Pentium IV 2.4GHz
    Memory More than 3GB More than 2GB
    HDD More than 5GB More than 500MB
    Hosting Fixed IP(100M shared Mzx.5M) Dynamic IP(More than ADSL)
    Domain We recommend you to make DDNS 
    settings at the domain and fixed IP address
    For domain and dynamic IP adress the DDNX 
    settings are necessary
OSK52SZ101 Long-distance control/maintenance solution

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