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OSK02NS101 Scratch tester

Scratch tester
      Semiconductors / Crystal / Thin Films parts
    1. Measuring the hardness of paint film, gilt, coating by passing the diamond pressurizedneedle through the surface of tested object
    2. The detector uses high-precision, high-sensitivity, strain-gauge type 2 component force detectors for detection of pressure force and scratch force
    3. Scratch speed and pressure, load speed are controlled by PC
    4. It is possible to track the curved surface of test materials at inclination of less than 10 deg. at maximum
    5. Continuous load test
    6. Selection of continuous mode of set load test
    1. Possible to conduct hardness tests of rough-curved surface
    2. Possible to measure creep feature
    3. Easy to make friction test just by rotating the tested material 2 component force detectors with unique structure are small, light weight which can make high-precision measurement with high frequency effect
    4. It is easy to change pressurized needle, testing materials and conduct test
    5. Small, light weight device that can set load onditions and process the test data at PC
    Model OSK02NS101
    The tester main body
    Vertical stroke 50mm Resolution settings 0.01mm
    Vertical speed 0.02-4mm/sec
    Load speed 0.01-1N/sec Resolution settings 0.02N/sec
    Load keeping is possible, Max. load set is possible
    Feeding volume 50mm Resolution settings 0.01mm
    Feeding speed 0.02-4mm/sec Resolution settings 0.01mm/sec
    Feeding Limit It sends the limit signal to the limit position of stroke
    with feed and vertical directions
    Max inclination angle Curved surface -less than 10deg.
    Testing mode Possible to hold continuous/ sest load test
    2 component force detectors
    Model LMC-2953-10N
    Rated load Fx(resistance) +/-10N
    Fz(vertical force) +/-10N
    non-linearity +/-0.2%FS
    Hysterisis +/-0.2%FS
    Permissible overload +/-50%FS
    Resolution +/-0.1%FS
    Output voltage Vessel width output +/-10Vmax
    Notebook PC The software that controls tester main body is installed.
OSK02NS101 Scratch tester

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