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OSK05NS101 Rotary chuck

Rotary chuck
    1. Enabling to grind work with rotation
    2. It can be used as a grinder when combined to Sine-bar chuck
    1. Molding・surface grinding machine sends back signal to the grinding panel
    2. High-reliability processing, small-shape high torque by DD motor
    3. It can process convex or concave surface by combining with Sine-bar chuck
    1. Advanced cost performance
    2. Increase the work effectiveness due to its small shape and compactness
    3. Easy to put on and take off
    Model OSK05NS101
    Main body main body dia. 180 x 75 H
    Size with magnet dia 180 x 118H
    Weight main body 10.0Kg
    with magnet 14.6Kg
    Rated torque 0.6N m (6 12kgf cm)
    Rotational frequency 400min-1
    Power supply three-phase AC 200 - 220V
    Electric current 0.6A
    Magnet dia. 125 x 43H 4.0Kg
    V block dia. 10 - dia.35
    It has developed for grinding for dry and wet
    In case of wet grinding, it coressponds to emission of processing liquid, however, it cannnot be used in drenching in the liquid
OSK05NS101 Rotary chuck

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