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OSK05NS102 Blow cleaner

Blow cleaner
    1. Strong aborption power
      - Clean air through filter is pressed out at the other end and enhances its power of dust absorption
    2. Silent
      - Second filter absorbs the wind sound and main body is designed to reduce sound
    3. Saving resource
      - The air that used to be emit outside stays in the room clean, drastically reduces the air-conditioning fee
    4. Countermeasure for minute dust
      - Applies to minute dust due to filter originally developed
    Model OSK05NS102
    Power source 3 phase alternating current 200W (50/60Hz)
    Output (kw) 0.75
    Maximum wind velocity (m/sec) 20
    Maximum air capacity (m2/min) 15
    Static pressure (mm/water column) 200
    Dust extraction amoung (L) 30
    Operating sound (phone) 65
    Filter surface (m2) 3.7
    Weight (kg) 120
OSK05NS102 Blow cleaner

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