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OSK05ST101 Rotary indexer

Rotary indexer
    Small index device
    - Automatic jig exchange
    - Rotational transfer of heavy-weight goods
    - Table drive
    - Arm drive
    - Conveyer drive
    1. Using inner parts interdigitation, its holding power is strong (7840N・cm)
    2. Even if it runs out of air, it can keep the load while being locked
    3. It can rotate each 90deg . (Rotation torque:980N・cm)
    4. It is possible to mount a jig directly on it
    5. It can be used at spatter and sealer spraying area (Make sure to keep 6 cables)
    6. Mounting direction is free
    7. High resistance
      - Permitted fixed torque 7840N・cm
      - Stasburg load 980N
      - Radial load 784N
      - Life span - 1million times, continuous lubrication rotating is possible
    8. Weight 6㎏
    1. Toughness
    2. Light and compact
    1. Rotation angle precision 90deg.±6′
      100 mm from the center of rotation ±0.2
    2. Direction of rotation CW or CCW
    3. Uses air fluid
    4. Used pressure - 0.49~0.88MPa
    5. Permissible pressure 0.97MPa
    6. Rotation torque 10N・m(Air pressure:0.7MPa )
    7. Rotation speed - 3 sec (instruments 90deg..rotation)
    1. Fixed permissible torque: 7810N.cm(Same as during the airstop)
    2. Strasburg load: 980N
    3. Radial load: 784N
    4. Life span: 1million times,continuous lubrication rotating is possible
OSK05ST101 Rotary indexer

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