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OSK15VS101 Thunder Meter

Thunder Meter
Thunder Meter
    • Leisure facilities such as golf course, ski resort, camps, ground e.t.c
    • Civil engineering construction, high-place work, mine or places, or place where gun powder is used
    • Protection of electrical wiring, radio relay station, radiowave transmitters or communication facilities
    • Electricity protection at the automatized factories or OA, FA
    • Public facilities, roads, railways, cable cars
    • Oil refinery stations, oil combinates
    It catches the thunder, that occurs in the diameter of 50 km and moreover it cathces accurately most dengerous thunder right above and sends alarm signal giving enough time to evacuate
    1. It can catch all thunder phenomena by intermediate belt signal ・Thunder that is approaching from far away, while repeating the electric discharge
      ・Thunder that is just approaching from far away without discharging electricity ・Thunder that occurs just right over, but doesn\'t involve the electric discharge
    2. It can detect the thunder activity in 15 minutes before it turnes to the thundercloud ofspeedily raising frontal thunderstorm
    3. It can understand the real situation about the thunder activity by meter vibration
    4. Antenna is made in disk shape without protrusion, so it doesn\'t cause the corona electric discharge phenomenon, it is safe and has high lighting protection ability
    5. At the time of blackout, it can be automatically switched to the external 12V power * When connecting the outer 12V power supply
    6. The alarm settings are changeable, so it is possible to set it in suitable conditions
    7. It doesn\'t get influenced by noise from autobike, car or AC power source
    8. Signal axis cable 5CFB, 5C2V or 5D2V(for color TV)with no length limitations
    9. Antenna installation doesn\'t need much space because of 1 vinylchloride. The construction and shifting are easy
    10. It also uses arrestor and surge absorber, so main body protection is perfect
    • It also can detect the approaching thunder that doesn\'t produce the electric discharge
    • There are no need tochange parts regularly so maintenance is easy
    • Antenna shape is disk without any sticking parts, so Corona eletric discharge doesn't get out. Therefore the thunder prevention ability is high and it is very safe
    Model OSK15VS101
    Type Integrated value index function accumulation type. With display meter (1,2,3,4,5 scale)
    Alarm Alarm sound, emitted by speaker (Almost 500Hz)
    Alarm settings 3 stages switching type (Displaying meter 2、2.5、3 scale) by main body switch
    Alarm sound  When thunder scale overcomes the set values, it sends alarm sound 1(40 sec)
      As thunderclouds is getting closer, the interval gets shorter and it sounds constantly
    External output 1A, B point (Same action as alarm speaker). Capacity is 100V, 3A
      Voltage output is 0~5VDC(Also applied to display meter scale)
    Power supply   AC100-230V 50/60Hz 8W. Operation element at the time of blackout DC12V 1W
    Outer dimensions  W323mm x D270mm x H108mm
    Box shape Table-top
    Weight  Approx. 5Kg
    Model Parallel round type static electricity antenna 2pc
    Antenna dimension Diam. 500mm Thickness 50mm Distance between panels 1,000mm
    Ball  Hard type vinylchloride pipe (JISK6741. Usual type VP75), outer diameter 89mm, Length 4,000mm
    Input signal  It receives the signla of air electric field change by intermediate belt signal
    Model Plastic case, mold type
    Fixed number during accumulation 0.5 seconds (strengthening of electric field → Fixed accumulated value)
    Protective thunder prevention device Voltage during electric discharge 480V
    Outer dimensions φ67mm x 115mm. Switching - 85mm x 120mm Stopping metal fitting is provided
OSK15VS101 Thunder Meter

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