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OSK29TK102 Dew point transmitter

Dew point transmitter
Dew point transmitter
    1. Compressed Air
    2. Moisture maintenance for Furnace, Power plant
    3. Glove box manufacturer
    1. Wide measurement range from -100 to +20℃dp
    2.  +/-2℃dp
    3.  Short delivery time
    4. Traceable to NIST
    5. High quality, good performance
    1.  Accuracy +/-2℃dp
    2.  Low cost
    3. Good repeatability
    Model OSK29TK102
    Measurement range  -100~+20℃ dp
    Accuracy   ±2℃ dp
    Power    12~28V DC
    Output    4-20mA
    Operating temperature  -20~+60℃
    Operating pressure  10-4Pa~30MPa
    Flow rate   0.1~10ℓ/min(With our standard block)
     0.5~10m/min(Into the samples directly)
    Weight    0.12kg
    Option parts OSK29TK102
    • Scaling range -100~+20℃ dp
    • Power  100~240VAC+/-10%
    • Output 4-20mA
    • Current consumption 8VA
    • Operating temperature  0~50℃
    • Weight   0.3kg
    • Size  96W x 48H x 116.5D mm
    • Panel cut size 92W x 45H
    Starter-Kit with sensor block

    • Starter Kit: Includes Filter, Needle valve, Flow meter, SUS pipes
    • Sensor block: with two 1/8" female threaded
OSK29TK102 Dew point transmitter

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