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OSK06TR101 Compact rapid prototyping machine

Compact rapid prototyping machine
    Lum together surface rapid prototyping machine is possible to produce plastic (acryl, etc) model with high speed based on three dimensional CAD data (STL type)
      1. Possible to produce rapid prototype with very high speed ( 1 layer 6 sec.)
      2. Very specific rapid protopyping is possible ( lamination layer pitch 0.05/0.025mm 2types of models)
      3. One machine applies for four different resins (acryl, rubber-like, urethane, cast eliminating resin)
        This is the first machine at low cost in the world
      4. Equipted with control software at standard ( editing STL data, processing slice, editing data per layer, half-automatically support function, setting exposure time, etc.)
      5. Low maintenance fee ( simple structre reduces dratically maintenace fee)
    1. Delicate smooth three dimensional prototype is possible by rapid prototyping
    2. Lamination layer 0.05 height 15mm - 22mm/one hour is possible
    3. Slinging rapid prototype allows you to observe finishing touches visually
    4. You can still continue on rapid prototyping after pausing
    Model OSK06TR101
    Prototype method Lum together surface rapid prototype
    Prototype direction Slinging
    Applicable resins*1 Original optics Photopolymer (acryl, gum-like, uretham, cast eliminating resin)
    Light source Mercury lamp
    Life of lifht rouce lamp Exchange within 2,000 hours is recommended
    Prototype table up-and-down mechanism Mechanical cam control mechanism
    Lamination layer time per layer 8 sec. -
    Prototype speed ( hight)*2 15mm/35min.
    Prototype pitch (lamination layer thickness) 0.05mm
    Data input type STL type
    Maximum prototype size W x D x H (mm) 200 x 150 x 200 - 100 x 75 x 200
    X-Y Resolution*3 0.1mm - 0.2mm
    Prodcut size W x D x H (mm) 800 x 550 x 1200 ( with canister)
    Prodcut weight approx. 85kg
    Main electirc source and pressure AC100V - AC200V 50Hz/60Hz
    Electrical consumption Approx. 650w
    *1 Combining acryl and gum-like resins, possible to make tough prototype
    *2 Prototype speed is when lamination layer is 0.05mm per hour. Depends on resins.
    *3 X-Y resolution may differ according to prototype shape
OSK06TR101 Compact rapid prototyping machine

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