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OSK29KN101 Desktop thermal regulator

Desktop thermal regulator
Desktop thermal regulator
    Thermal regulator for thermal loading of car electronics and power devices
    • This regulator sets the block on the thermal stage in a wide range from -55℃ up to +150℃.
    • It applies heat load by heat conduction to a sample, which was mounted on the block.
    • As temperature is controlled by heat conduction, air compressor is not required.
    • Custom design, including IC socket, can be studied positively.
    • Peltier element and liquid cooling method are used for this system.
    • A wide range of temperature is available with one outlet on a desk, which was only possible by big system and enormous consumption power before.
    •  High accuracy and speed for temperature control of the sample.
    • Running costs and maintenance requires only minimum.
    •  Customed socket is applicable, and countermeasures for electrical contact, thermoregulation, condensation and freezing can be studied positively.
    •  Due to very low noise and vibration it is suitable also for office use.
    Operation ambient 5~35℃
    Cooling capacity Max 120W
    Max cooling temp. -55℃(at 23℃ of ambient air, no load)
    Max heating temp. +150℃
    Repeat accuracy ±0.1℃
    Coolant 30% Ethylene glycol water
    Power AC90~250V 50/60Hz Max 9A
    Power consumption Less than 900W
    Connection I/F RS485, USB
    Dimension H478 x W427 x D233 
    Weight 20kg

OSK29KN101 Desktop thermal regulator

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