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OSK07SF100E Hexahedral screw

 Hexahedral screw
    1. Inner diameter is just 1.7㎜, enabling it to be installed at narrow space like the mobile phone
    2. Screw has 6 entrances, therefore it can be easily and tightly inserted
    3. Compatibility of metal screws is outstanding
        High durability due to it is made from cutting and prrocessing procedures

      Materials PTFE(4F), 3F, 2F, PFA, PEEK, PI, PPS, UPE, PP, PE, 6N, 66N,MC¨, POM, PEI, PRO, ABS, PVC, PcetcC
      We can make cutting and processing, if you explain us its application range, size and provide us with simple drawing
OSK07SF100E Hexahedral screw

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